Extended Hours for Workshops

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To better assist you, the Library has been extending hours for workshops, consultations and tutorials outside regular office hours. The sessions will run anytime from 8 AM to 8 PM Monday to Friday Sydney time.

The extended hours will suit those

who have work commitment (yes, we know you work late)

who are doing multiple subjects (yes, we know you have a big study load)

who are overseas (yes, we know the time difference between Australia and other countries can be an inconvenience).

But don’t let any of these stops you from connecting and seeking help if needed.


820px x 260px - friends of the library


Schedule for your convenience

Whether you are in Sydney, Hobart, onshore, offshore, whatever your discipline, level of study, course duration, you can choose session times that suit your schedule.


Please book your sessions via booking an appointment. After booking, you will receive an email acknowledgement.

The sessions will be conducted online via Zoom, Webex or Microsoft Team.

Happy Study!



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