Law Database Searches

Law Database Searches with External Experts


The Library organises from time to time Online Law Database Search Workshops with invited external experts. The workshops are a good way to get students familiar with the mechanics of searching or brush up their search skills if they know the basics.

Knowing how to search effectively and efficiently will help students ace assignments and exams!

The workshops cover sections and topics like:

• Using Practical Guidance
• Using Folders
• Practical Guidance: Cybersecurity, Data Protection and Privacy module
• Practical Guidance: Governance module
• Creating a bookmark or favourite in your browser

• Searching using Boolean connectors
• Finding judicial consideration of words and phrases
• Finding cases referring to legislation

Advance Search Forms
• Advanced Search Legislation form
• Advanced Search Forms & Precedents form
• Legislation advanced search form - finding definitions in legislation
• Secondary materials search form - finding material referring to legislation

• Browsing topics and practice areas
• Browsing publications and topics
• Using the word wheel
• Browsing legislation by year and number
• Browsing CaseBase using catchwords
• Browsing for bills, EMs and second reading speeches

• Creating Favourites
• Browsing a table of contents
• Searching a specific publication

• CaseBase Case Citator
• Browsing Casebase using Catchwords
• Linking from Commentary to CaseBase

Browsing legislation
• Browsing for current legislation
• Browsing for defined terms in legislation
• Bills, explanatory memoranda and second reading speeches
• Browsing legislation by year and number

If students miss the workshops, videos and tutorials are available. Take your pick. Click the link below

Good luck!