Friends of the Library: Be a Part of Us

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What are Friends of the Library?

It is a fun and studious group that is dedicated to foster the wellbeing and continuous improvement of IMC Library.

Some of you are already active users and patrons of the Library, knowing the library well and are fully utilising library resources and services. You have helped shape library resources and services, giving us comments and suggestions.

Take a step further and be a member of Friends of the Library actively engaging in Library initiatives.

As Friends of the Library, you can help shape the direction and focus of your academic library, whether on teaching, learning or research. As Friends of the Library, you will be:

  • Part of a peer group who loves libraries and using library services and resources
  • Meet, interact and learn from your fellow active, studious fun library lovers
  • Input and help improve library resources and services
  • Learn and share how to make the best use of libraries and library resources
  • Learn best practices that could be beneficial to your future study and career


Reach out to us now to express your interest!

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