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A career is not just a series of jobs that you meander into, but rather a series of launching pad stages in a glorious journey to succeed and excel through life. To that end, we provide and recommend many resources to our students. From content provided in lectures to content on our guides and blogs, our goal is to feed student interest and desire as much as possible to succeed down their chosen path. 

Below is a sampling of our recommended resources to inspire you to be a passionate business professional:

Better Business Etiquette Etiquette might seem old fashioned, but it's an essential business tool to be ignored at your own peril. Check out this article with a host of tips for how to interact with others in business to your benefit.

Eleven TED Talks That Every Small Businessman Should Watch 

Collection of the TED Talks that every small business owner should have already watched - designed to help you become a better businessperson, leader, and strategist, and to strive for overall well-being on and off the job.
 Flying Solo Business Community Site designed to assist you with your motivation to strive in business and put your best foot forward every time.

Rags to Riches Business Stories

Some of the richest people in the world were born into their wealth.But many started with nothing, and through hard work, talent, grit, and a bit of luck, managed to rise to the very top.
Refugee Business Success  From a leaky boat to owning his own successful business and three-time barrista of the year. Check out the story of Saeid.

Startup Business Successes

Over half a million Australians have started or are starting an entrepreneurial business at any one time. Of these start-ups, about a third fail, another third are still in the unsure stages, and a third are successful. Here are five startups that have made it through the statistics to success.