Ask a Librarian


What is Ask a Librarian for?

Ask a Librarian is to assist you with research. If you are doing a research project or topic, a big assignment or group work and need assistance and guidance, you can use the Ask a Librarian service.

What Ask a Librarian is not for?

Ask a Librarian is not to do the homework for you or provide answers to assignments and quizzes. We do not give advice on legal, financial, psychological, technical or health matters.

Depending on the nature of the enquiry, Ask a Librarian Service provides:

• research tips and strategies to point you in the right direction.

• guidance on the most appropriate books, electronic resources, tools, original and secondary materials and other information sources for you

We suggest you use our collections. If they do not suffice, we can advise external resources.

If resources suggested do not guide you to the information you need, support is provided through further means such as chat messaging, one-on-one consultations and phone calls.

To use Ask a Librarian, please answer questions below and we will let you know the level of assistance we can provide.

1.Tell us what you like help with – assignment, research, group work …

2.What's the reason for your question? Study, research, assessment tasks …

3.Where have you looked? Databases, journals …

In order not to repeat resources and tools that you have used, please describe any research that you have already done. Please provide as many details and as concise information as possible.

We endeavour to find the most relevant and appropriate information for you.

Ask A Librarian is available to IMC students enrolled in all campuses, disciplines and levels of study.

If you have questions about using Ask A Librarian, please contact