Future Success Skills

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One of the goals of the Library is to help students become “work ready” when they graduate. Toward that end, the Library is always looking for ways, ideas and resources to help students succeed in their study as well as the job market.

According to a newly released survey of Australian higher education students, the top skills for future career success are

• Complex problem solving

• Critical thinking

• Creativity

It is important that students develop these skills for their future career success. These skills will give them an advantage in the changing workforce as technological innovation continues to impact the job market.

According to the survey, commissioned by Oxford University Press, more employers are seeking to employ graduates with a wide soft skills portfolio, which includes, the top skills mentioned aside, people management, emotional intelligence, coordinating with others, cognitive flexibility, judgment and decision making, service orientation and negotiation. Students need to be ‘work-ready’ who can apply themselves in a competitive environment.

The top skills dissected, please click on the links to read further:

Complex problem solving - finding a solution to multi-dimensional problems in complex, real-world settings

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Critical thinking - Using logic and reasoning to question an issue, consider various outcomes of that issue, and consider the positives and negatives of each approach.

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Creativity - Looking at unrelated information, ‘connecting the dots’ and presenting a new, innovative idea from this information.

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If you have questions about any of the skills mentioned, please feel free to contact library@imc.edu.au