Tutorials for Academic English Skills Support

IMC offers students help with various academic skills on an individual basis. An individual consultation allows you to seek one-on-one help with any academic English or study-related problem or issue. Please note, these consultations are for help relating to any Academic English issue. For support regarding course content, please contact your tutor directly or our Duty Tutor. 

What can you get help with?

  • Advice about strategies to improve your study skills, such as note-taking and time management
  • Help with developing your academic writing skills, such as paraphrasing, referencing, essay structure
  • Proofreading draft essays/assignments
  • Help to develop and practice your presentations skills/discussion skills
  • Advice and support with exam preparation
  • Help refine your grammar or expand your vocabulary

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More Information

If you have any queries or want further information about these consultations, please contact