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The Library provides an array of online resources and services to assist your teaching and research. It has some of the most essential, relevant and up-to-date resources that include e-databases, peer-reviewed journals and articles, online videos, lectures and case studies, subject guides, and open online resources.

They are accessible via cloud-based integrated resources management and discovery solutions system (Ex libris Alma and Primo) that enables you to search and access resources on and off campus.

You can access all online databases and resources via the Library website. The Library uses cloud-based Integrated Resource Management & Discovery Solutions that make your search seamless and easy. You can access the online resources whenever and wherever, on and off-campus 24/7.

The Library regularly expands and updates its collection of business and legal databases. If you have questions about our e-resources, please don’t hesitate to contact Library at



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FLEX is a cloud-based tool that enables academics to share content from a variety of sources including their own scanned extracts, scans of other institutions using FLEX, digital original files supplied by publishers. It makes the task of preparing course reading material simpler and faster for educators.

FLEX content is readily integrated within Moodle. You can use FLEX to manage the placement of textbook chapters, journal articles or any other material to aid lecture delivery and to make them accessible to students.

FLEX content can be edited and annotated It is a great teaching tool.

Access via the FLEX Login website

Know more about FLEX features here



If you want to further explore teaching and research resources such as the highly popular HS Talks Collection and the Copyright Agency FLEX service, workshops are available.

The workshops will guide you through maximizing the use of the HS Talks Business and Management Collection and the Copyright Agency FLEX, a service that allows you to access book excerpts and journal articles for teaching and research.

The sessions will run through access, navigation, platform features and functionality, and some of the ways the HS Talks and FLEX content are being used in university teaching. If you are interested, please email