Academic Integrity

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Have you ever been tempted to ask someone for help with an assignment that was due in 2 days?
Have you felt pressured to maintain top grades and would do anything not to drop?
There is no doubt many students may sometimes find themselves in these situations and many more, however, academic misconduct in whatever form is NOT the answer.

Contract Cheating is one of the most serious forms of academic dishonesty. It is when someone else contributes to or completes your assignments and other academic work for you.

  • an individual such as a private tutor, family member or friend
  • a service such as a tutoring company, document sharing website, editing service, or an assignment writing service, also known as ’ghostwriting'

It is called Contract Cheating because it involves some kind of exchange or contract between two or more people and does not always have to involve money.

Serious academic consequences may include failing one or more units of study or suspension from your studies for one or more semesters. If you are an international student, you could even lose your student visa.

Providing personal and financial information to contract cheating companies puts your money and your identity at risk of being stolen. Moreover, graduates will be unqualified to practise as professionals putting the public at risk.

Whether you are a new or returning student, undergraduate or postgraduate, knowing what contract cheating and academic integrity entail is important.

To help you understand the concept of academic integrity and accepted behaviours, the library has made available an Academic Integrity Module below.

The module, accessible online, informs you the basics of ethical academic practice as well as values and expectations of correct academic conduct.

The module will help you among others:

  • Develop skills and understanding of the rules and customs that form the basis of academic work
  • Avoid cheating, plagiarism and other dishonest activities that can lead to failure or expulsion from the institute.

It is important that you familiarise yourself with the module. The knowledge will assist your academic work now and in the future.

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