What is referencing?

Referencing is acknowledging someone else’s ideas and work.
When you use someone else’s ideas and work in your assignments, you must reference.

Why do you need to reference?

• To show you have read broadly
• To support your arguments
• To allow access to the information behind your arguments
• To avoid plagiarism

Referencing styles

There are two main referencing styles you can use:

Harvard (Author-date styles within the text of the document)
Footnote/endnote styles (putting the author’s name and details on the footnote or end of the document)

At IMC, we use:

  • Harvard Referencing System for Business students
  • Australian Guide to Legal Citation 4th edition for students of Bachelor of Laws (Introduction and assessment of knowledge of this referencing system will be in TLLB102 Legal Method) 

Tools available to help you reference

There are a number of different online resources and tools to help you reference. We have listed some below:

Harvard Referencing Guide 
Zotero, the free referencing software
Evernote helps you take notes and organize content
Australian Guide to Legal Citation 
Grammarly to detect grammar errors

If you require any assistance with referencing your work, do not hesitate to ask either your lecturer or send us an email at We are always ready and willing to help you with any of your referencing needs.