Library Lending Policy


This policy sets out guidelines for students of The Australian National Institute of Management and Commerce (IMC) in relation to borrowing from the IMC Library.

Conditions to borrow:

• The student must be enrolled at IMC
• The student must provide a valid IMC student ID card.

The student can check out items if:

• they have not exceeded the maximum number of items borrowed (the maximum being 3 items)
• they have no overdue items
• they have no fines 

Fine Accrual 

• Fines will begin to accrue on the first day an item becomes overdue.


• An item is deemed “lost” and in need of replacement if it is outstanding by 30 days after the original overdue notice has been sent.
• If an item is lost or damaged enough to require replacement, the charge will consist of the latest Recommended Retail Price of the item plus a library item replacement fee.

Fine Payment

• Students will receive email notifications when a fine has been incurred.

Borrowing rights suspended

• If the student does not pay the fines or return overdue items, his borrowing rights will be suspended.
• Borrowing rights are reinstated after the overdue items are returned and fines are paid.
• Returning overdue items does not negate the student’s responsibility to pay fines. 

It is the student’s responsibility to check their emails and keep in mind item due dates to avoid fines or borrowing rights being suspended. 

It is also the student’s responsibility to ensure books are not damaged or written on while they are on loan as penalties apply.

Reference Books 

•  Books labelled as ‘Reference’ are to be used in the Library or Computer Lab. They are not to be taken out of IMC’s premises or home.
•  Students are required to provide their IMC student ID cards to the Librarian as a condition of using reference books.

Special Circumstances 

1. Students experiencing special circumstances (i.e. death in family etc.) can appeal to the Librarian to waive conditions of borrowing. The Librarian will consider the circumstances on a case-by-case basis. 
2. The Library reserves the rights to recall checked out books for internal use or inspections. 

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to speak to Library staff.