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Law is a rewarding yet often difficult career path, with lawyers often being the object of numerous stereotypes, tropes and clichés. Regardless, law is a necessary part of the way our society functions at almost every level (even areas we would not think to be related to law). As such Top's Sydney City School of Law sees an important facet of student education to be the feeding of their inspiration.

A Career is not just a series of jobs that you meander into, but rather a series of launching pad stages in a glorious journey to succeed and excel through life. To that end, we provide and recommend many resources to our students. From content provided in lectures to content in our guides and blogs, our goal is to feed student interest and desire as much as possible to succeed down their chosen path. 

Below is a sampling of our recommended resources to inspire you to be a passionate legal professional:

Defending the Rule of Law Sharing three cases from her international legal practice, Kimberley Motley, an American litigator practicing in Afghanistan and elsewhere, shows how a country’s own laws can bring both justice and “justness”: using the law for its intended purpose, to protect.
 Films for Lawyers Inspiring movies for law professionals!  
From Child Soldier to Refugee Lawyer  Deng Thiak Adut's journey from a child soldier in Sudan to studying law in Sydney to advocate for refugees.  
Legal Heroes
A weekly series from the Guardian's law site, featuring pivotal figures in law, both living and dead; fiction and non-fiction. Contains some fascinating reads, by lawyers across a wide spectrum of notable figures.
Why be a Lawyer? A speech from 2007 by Victorian Chief Justice Marilyn Warren AC. She speaks of her influences and experiences, as well as her thirst for the idea of bringing justice to those who needed an advocate.