E-learning Tips

Online Learning

If you are mystified by online learning, don’t be. If you want to make your online learning more effective and productive, the Library has put together a suite of online lectures, videos and case studies to help you navigate through online learning.

You can find tools, guides and tips clicking here.

In these carefully selected online materials, you will learn the fundamentals of online learning and to enhance your study through:

  • Technology
  • Activities
  • Content
  • Resources
  • Tools
  • Interactivity
  • Best-practices

You will learn how to communicate with your lecturers and peers to add value to your study and achieve best outcomes.

These online lectures are from The Business & Management Collection, which IMC subscribes and which contains over 1,300 multimedia lectures and case studies, specially commissioned to complement and enrich teaching, learning and research. They were prepared by renowned experts in their fields from around the globe.

Make use of them. Enjoy now. :)