How can I borrow books?
Step 1: To borrow books from IMC’s library, you will need your IMC student card.
Step 2: You will need to come to IMC in person to pick up the book you would like to borrow and our friendly librarians will process it.

What is the loan period for borrowed items?
Two weeks for undergraduates, three weeks for postgraduates.

What’s the maximum number of items I can borrow?
You can only borrow three items at a time.

Where can I find core texts?
From the shelves marked “Business Textbooks” and “Law School”

What does the book with the “Reference” tag mean?
It means the book can be used in the Library only and cannot be checked out.

Can I place a book on hold?
Yes, you can place a book on hold by contacting one of our friendly librarians by phone: 9209 4880 or email:

How can I reserve books online?
Please email with details of the books you want to reserve, and the library staff will put the books aside for you to collect.

What happens if I can’t find the book I want from IMC’s library?
Contact our friendly librarians.
Sometimes the book has not been returned by the student. Or the book has been misplaced on the shelf. Or the book is being processed and repaired.
If you have any doubts, talk to our friendly librarians. They are eager to help.

Can I renew my item/s?
Items can be renewed by logging into your library account and renew book/s online.
You can only renew book/s 2 times, then book/s need to be returned to the Library.
If you fail to return the books to the library after the due date, fines will apply.

Where do I return books?
Books can be returned to the library at the librarians’ desks.
Please do not return books to the shelf.

How much is the fine for overdue items?
$1 per day

For further information on borrowing, please read the Library Lending Policy.