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The Henry Stewart Talks (HS Talks) Business and Management Collection contains over 900 animated, online, video lectures and case studies by experts from commerce, industry, the professions and academia. There are over 850 contributing editors, speakers and case study presenters and more than 30,000 informative slides.


Finance, Accounting & Economics 

Global Business Management 

Management, Leadership & Organisation 

Marketing & Sales 


Technology & Operations 




The Collection is interesting and relevant for staff wanting to integrate high-quality videos into their teaching and learning materials. HS Talks, which IMC subscribes to, covers all areas of IMC teaching, including the technology area. Case studies can be used for assignments, and there are many ways videos can be incorporated into units.



There is also the course matching services, where teaching faculty and any interested academic can send either a copy of their syllabus or details of their teaching programme, and content specialists will research and select relevant talks, case studies and interviews to support their teaching.

To subscribe the course matching services, please email