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Since March 2020, in tandem with the IMC course delivery being offered online, IMC Library has had an online focus for providing resources and services to students.

Students and faculty have been overwhelming accessing these resources and services, evidenced by the jump in usage data.

The Library has been collecting comments and feedback about its online support. Here are what our students have said.


As I started studying online and needed extra help in finding information online, the library staff has been very helpful.

They give me support via emails and phone. I feel I can count on them.

Whenever I need, I can contact them and they respond quickly. The Library staff is friendly, helpful and informed.

I am happy with the services and the extra that they give.

Jaeyeon Choi Law student


In online study, online resources are very important. The online resources are good. The databases are useful.

The library staff is responsive and helpful. They are prompt and responsive.

They have been very supportive of my online study.

I am happy with the resources and services provided and encourage others to use the Library.

Taranpreet Kaur a postgraduate student studying Master of Accounting and Business


I am very happy with the library service. Whenever I email and need something, like finding learning resources or borrowing books, the staff replies promptly.

I have rung them and they are helpful on the phone. They are friendly and knowledgeable about many aspects of online learning and postgraduate study. They really help to make my schoolwork easier.

I have been at IMC for several terms, studying Master of Professional Accounting. This is my final term so I can speak with experience in dealing with the library.

Bishmarg Thapa

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