Law Guides

Library guides are an important resource for students who need to tackle a subject, particularly one they're not overly familiar with yet. Our guides for law are designed to equip students with academic and professional research resources, as well as knowledge of databases and introductory material covering important topics within their practice area.

1 Commercial Law

Commercial/Company Law

2 Contract Law

Contract Law

3 Criminal Law

Criminal Law

 4 General Law

General Law

 5 International Law

International Law

Law  and Society

Law and Society

 7 Law exams

Law Exams

8 Lawyers Leadership Technology

Lawyers, Leadership & Technology

9 Legal Method Research

Legal Method & Research

 10 Legal Theory Jurisprudence

Legal Theory & Jurisprudence

11 Legal Writing

Legal Writing

12 Organisational software

Organisational Software

13 Property Law

Property Law

14 Public Law

Public Law

15 Referencing in Law

Referencing in Law

16 Tax Law

Tax Law

17 Tort Law

Tort Law

18 Ethics and professional conduct

Ethics & Professional Conduct

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