What Our Students Say

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The Library supports students in tandem with the changing learning environment and an expanding curriculum. It uses a holistic approach to providing resources, services and support.

This is in particular crucial during the COVID pandemic when students are adjusting to learning online and remotely.

Here are some of our students' comments and feedback:

QuanWhat Our Students Say 


“Since the pandemic, the library has been increasing electronic resources. There are more e-books, videos and webinars available. The e-resources are good. There are many reference materials. Before the pandemic, we went to the library for consultations and workshops. Now we can do them online, which is safe and convenient. We can continue to borrow books by emailing or phoning the library to reserve the books that we want. The Library speedily organises pickup time. I feel I can rely on the library for resources, services and support. That’s very important.” 

Erlene Quan, Bachelor of Law Student

Singh What Our Students Say 


“This is my 2nd year at IMC. In the last year since COVID when the campus was closed and we started studying online, it has been a big adjustment for me. The Library has done a good job switching to online resources, services and support. I do not feel I have been disadvantaged by studying online. When I have questions, whether about database access, databases use or Library Guides, I can email or ring the Library and the staff always assists promptly. They do so even on weekends and public holidays. If I need to borrow books, the staff make arrangements quickly, often immediately and on the day of the request so that I can get the learning materials I need. The Library staff is helpful and responsive.” 

Rajwinder Singh, Bachelor of Applied Finance Student

Khanal What Our Students Say 


“I appreciate the online resources, services and support the Library has provided since I started studying at IMC. During COVID when the lectures went online, I was concerned if I would be able to get the help that I needed. Help such as getting access to electronic resources and study support. When I emailed or rang, the library staff was quick to help. If I needed to borrow books, they made them available asap. If I needed to use online learning materials, they told me where, how and what to access.”

Kamal Khanal, Master of Professional Accounting Student

We Need Your Feedback

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