Academic Skills Development

Top Education is constantly committed to providing quality education that will prepare you for success in your degree as well as your professional life in the future. TOP offers an online self-access Academic Skills Development Program. This program is delivered via Moodle and is available to all students enrolled at TOP.  

The program contains multiple lessons designed to help students develop an understanding of the rules and conventions that form the basis of academic work and improve their academic English skills. Each lesson provides important information about the relevant topic, including useful documents, PowerPoint presentations, links to external websites and videos, activities for testing your skills, and forums to discuss issues.

Resources and activities within each lesson can be accessed and completed by students at their own convenience.


All materials presented in the face-to-face Academic English Workshops can also be accessed here.

How to Access the Program 

Every student at Top Education Institute is automatically enrolled in the Academic Skills Development Program. You can access the program by clicking the button below and logging in to your Moodle account.



Education is the way to success and we seek the best of it. Students are expected to take responsibility for their own learning and actively participate and engage in the programs they are enrolled in. In order to improve your Academic language skills, we recommend completing the Academic Skills Development Program within your first year of enrollment at Top Education Institute. 

More Information

If you have any queries or want further support to improve your academic English skills, please contact our English Language and Academic Skills Coordinator.


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