An eBook is an electronic version of a printed book and is designed to be read on a computer, on a tablet or on your mobile phone. eBooks are incredibly practical as you don’t have to carry around heavy textbooks to study and you have the freedom to easily access your eBook to study whenever or where ever you like.

TOP subscribes to the EBSCOhost and Proquest Ebrary eBook Collection.

You can access eBooks through TOP’s Journal & eBook Databases.

Advantages of eBooks

• Easy access
• Not heavy to carry
• Cheaper than printed textbooks
• Instant delivery
• Searchable content

Purchasing an eBook

eBooks come in a variety of file formats such as EBUP, AZW, and PDF. Depending on your needs and your devices, you may choose to purchase in a format that you require.

Need help with purchasing an eBook?

Here are a few general steps:

• Go to the publisher website
• Type in the book title in the Search Box
• When the book appears, click Add to Cart
• Click Proceed to Cart

Retailers may require your email address to send you instructions to download and some may require your residential address for reference.  

• Click Proceed to checkout
• Payment options; they usually require credit card details
• After payment, they will email you a receipt
• Download instructions are emailed within 24 hours or sooner

Popular eBook Publishers

There are many publishers where you can purchase eBooks from. Here are the popular ones:




Oxford University Press


If you require any assistance with eBooks, don’t hesitate to ask either your lecturer for recommended texts or come and see our friendly library staff.