Library Staff

Welcome to the Library.

The Library provides high quality, client-focused information resources to support teaching, learning and research activities of students, faculty and staff. The collections range from subject-specific electronic databases to scholarly peer-reviewed journals to e-books from academic publishers to subject guides in a multitude of disciplines.

With its physical and online space (our dynamic website), the Library is also a meeting place for students and their peers. Patrons can connect via social media, virtual meeting room, chat messaging and much more.

The Library’s mission is to help students prepare for their studies, careers and future roles in the community. Drop by to see us – whether online or in person. We are here for you.

Contact Us:
(02) 9209 4888


Lotte Chow

Lotte looks after various facets of the Library from collection development to information resources procurement to research assistance to operations.

Lotte has a Master’s Degree in Information Studies and looks forward to using her skills and knowledge to assist students.

Lotte welcomes comments and feedback. She would like to hear what you think of the Library. Drop her a line. Her hope is to grow the Library to make it a study tool and companion to learners, teachers, and researchers, and in the process, enrich everyone’s lives during their time here.

Contact Details:
Phone: (02) 9209 4880



Martha Hendra

Martha manages IMC’s English Language and Academic Skills Support Program. She comes from a multi-cultural background and speaks a few languages including Indonesian, Hungarian and German. Her academic background is in Asian Studies and Teaching English as a Second Language and she holds a Masters in Arts/Asian Studies from UNSW and a Masters in TESOL from USQ.

Martha has worked with international students for over 25 years across all sectors and is passionate about assisting students with their educational, language and socio-cultural adjustment to life and study in Australia.

As technology has become such a major factor in our lives it is only normal for learning to be focussed upon online resources, however, key skills including critical thinking, academic writing and communication skills are still central to all learning. Martha hopes to further develop these skills with the students at IMC. 

Contact Details:
Phone: (02) 9209 4612