Academic Integrity Module (AIM)

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What is it?

The AIM is an online module for all TOP students. It introduces the basics of ethical academic practice and TOP’s values and expectations of correct academic conduct. The AIM will help you to:

  • Understand what it means to work with Academic Integrity
  • Develop skills and understanding of the rules and customs that form the basis of academic work
  • Avoid cheating, plagiarism and other dishonest activities that can lead to failure or expulsion from the institute
  • Become familiar with TOP’s Student Academic Integrity Policy

All students enrolled at TOP are strongly recommended to complete the module by week 6 of their first semester (before submission of the first assignment***).

***For every assignment submission, students are required to complete and attach a Cover Sheet declaring that the assignment is their own work. Please click HERE (PDF) to download the Cover Sheet.

Where can you find it?

The AIM is available through Moodle. Once you log in to your Moodle account (login details are provided when you enroll in a course), you will find the AIM listed on your My home page, along with the other units you are enrolled in. The link to the AIM site will remain on your My home page throughout the duration of your enrollment at TOP to allow continued access to the information.

How can you pass the AIM?

There are no credit points awarded for the AIM, but to successfully complete the module and be awarded the digital AIM badge, you must achieve a score of 85% or higher. You can repeat the AIM as many times as needed until you successfully complete it.

Upon completion of the online module, you will be awarded a digital AIM badge, which you will retain throughout your studies.

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The Academic Integrity module was developed as generic material for TOP students. Students should consult their lecturer or tutor about specific requirements for their courses or units.