Study Smart

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Study Smart Tips

The tips can be used anytime but are particularly useful during exam time, assignments due, projects deadline, presentations time.

  • Remove unnecessary electronics from the area and keep them out of sight.

  • Avoid working near a window with a busy view or a high-traffic area

  • Make use of approved research platforms provided by the school instead of searching the internet

  • Clean your desk and work area – an organized environment helps clear the mind

  • Put your phone on silent mode or silence all nonessential notifications to focus on your study Take breaks often; get up and move around

  • Take study breaks

These will help you avoid distractions to achieve optimum study results and a healthy school-life balance.

Resources to Further Assist your Studies:


Your Study Smart Poster:


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Hang it up in your room, pin it next to your bed, or tape it beside your desk.