Your Most Frequently Asked Questions .


Q. How to access online databases?

Wherever you are, whatever you are studying (Business, Law, Marketing, Accounting, Finance or any other discipline), whatever level you are at (undergraduate, postgraduate, certificate, diploma or research student), you can access online library resources via the library website. You need a valid Username and a Password, issued by the IT Department. If you are not sure about your Username and Password, please contact

Your library database login, together with your Moodle login, is provided to you in an email once you enroll at IMC. Your library database login is the same as your default Moodle login.

Online databases are more than journals and articles. There are videos, recorded webinars, online lectures, case studies, dictionaries, e-books, reports and much more. Check them out online databases.


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Q. Which databases would you recommend for my business study?

You should use current, authoritative and diverse sources for your study and research. The library has a collection of these resources. The top databases the library recommends are

Business Management Collection (Henry Stewart Talks)

The collection encompasses lectures and case studies by leading professors from universities and CEOs from commerce and industries. The materials are constantly updated and added. They include specially commissioned interviews and videos to enhance learning and research covering topics such as accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing and leadership from around the globe. Not to be missed.


This database features full-text journals, dissertations, working papers, key business and economics periodicals such as The Economist and Sloan Management Review. There are focused reports and major news sources including the Wall Street Journal. The scholarly journals are from the world’s most renowned academic publishers, all peer-reviewed. The database’s  international coverage gives students a comprehensive picture of companies and business trends around the world.


Its motto is “Discover and learn with the world’s brightest industry experts and professionals.” BrightTalk comprises of online videos, recorded webinars, talks and presentation on topics ranging from Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Risk Management, Blockchain, Business Innovations, Information Technology and Digital Transformation, all curated from experts, innovators, academics, editors and Ph.D. candidates.


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