School Library Month

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April is School Library Month, an annual celebration of school libraries, activities, programs and services. The coronavirus pandemic has forced many schools to switch to online learning so School Library Month is being celebrated differently this year.

That doesn’t take away the tradition and fun.

At IMC, you can join in the celebrations virtually and digitally.820px x 260px - friends of the library

1. Virtual meetings

Whether you have questions about assignments, exams, online learning, electronic resources, research skills or any study topics, you can ask us. We are here to assist you.

The Library will go live in the Virtual Meeting Room. Come to ask any questions you have. Come see your schoolmates.

To get a spot in the Library Virtual Space, you can register via

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about the virtual meeting.

2. Online workshops

Don’t forget the ever-popular online workshops. Library workshops focus on learning strategies, time management, analysing assignment questions, notetaking, referencing, essay and report writing, giving presentations and much more. There is a host of topics for you to choose from.

The workshops are run on a one-on-one or group basis and are designed for undergraduate, postgraduate and research students. You can choose the day and time that suits you.

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3. Get in touch virtually and digitally anytime via

a/ Chat messaging -

Drop us a line, send us a message on the website and we will reply asap.

b/ Emails -

c/ Website feedback

We welcome feedback, comments, opinions. Let us know what you think.

4. Facebook & Twitter

IMC has an active Facebook page. You can find news, photos, likes, comments ...

IMC Library has its own Twitter account for library resources, services and activities twits. Do you know for example, the Library has expertly authored and peered reviewed e-books from OpenStax, an educational initiative that creates high quality, openly-licensed titles in digital formats accessible from its website? Find out from Twitter.

Happy School Library Month!

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