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A vital part of online study is your engagement with peers. Connecting with your classmates and the learning support staff is important. The connection will enhance your experience and help you succeed.

With that in mind, the library invites you to join our Online Study Support Group.


The founding member and organizer of the Online Study Support Group is the Librarian and Learning Facilitator. The group will meet regularly to support each other in your online learning journey.


The Online Study Support Group allows you to

·     Meet and connect with students from IMC from around Australia and the world

·     Meet and connect with students from various disciplines and levels of study

·     Support each other  

·     Get to know your peers and make friends


Skills that Help Enhance Student Learning Outcomes


Group members will discuss learning tips, time management skills, coping with online study,  cues and pointers that will help you thrive and achieve. Bring a topic to discuss or tell us what interests you.


There will be discussion boards, interactive activities, games and fun events. The group will video chat, message, email, text and virtual social. You may be studying remotely. You are never alone!


In online learning, staying connected with your peers and others helps maintain your health and wellbeing. It helps to ensure study life balance. Join now!

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